Randolyn Zinn

Writer Director Choreographer

"Under Randolyn Zinn's fine tuned direction {of MEN OF TORTUGA}, the five cast members do a beautiful job of balancing the twin foci of the alarming nature of the murderous plot and their increasingly farcical behavior."

"Living Room Theatre's production {of MEN OF TORTUGA}, confidently helmed by company co-founder Randolyn Zinn, thrills and horrifies with well-timed morbid comedy and constantly shifting power dynamics in a brisk ninety minutes."

"Randolyn Zinn is a writer of great talent whose work we will all soon have to reckon with." -- Jeffrey Renard Allen, writer

“Ms. Zinn's deep, careful prose is as balletic as her subject. Everywhere there are layers and textures and meanings that resonate long after you've turned the page. Hers is an exciting debut.” -- Trey Ellis, writer and judge of the New School Chapbook Prize

“What an exhilarating evening! Everything was so right - a harmony of efforts, a strong vision, so much life and spirit in the play, fearlessness and intimacy. The very "biology" of the event reflected the ideas of the play and the communal living/working/playing arrangement seemed to echo the depth that Stanislavsky's Moscow Art Theatre must have brought to the work a century ago. Brava and Bravo all round.” -- Jennifer McDowall

"This is the way OUR TOWN works. It is quiet. One scene - the one at the soda fountain is one of the finest 15 minutes on stage I have seen in years. Go to this production before it is too late. Directed with heart by Mr. McCullough and Randolyn Zinn, it is plain, and that is how it is true." -- The Berkshire Review

“In THE FOURTH WOMAN, conceived and directed by Zinn, she plays a nun who, while caring for several battered women, has a marvelously oriental vision in which St. Hildegard paints on her belly - after which she finds courage to break into the cupboard where her priest locked away the condoms and birth control literature. Rare indeed is the sensibility that focuses such a play, insightfully, on the nun and her bizarre inner world rather than on the battering victims.” --- Jonathan Kalb, The Village Voice

“The able actress-writer Randolyn Zinn is magnificent in her monologue FRIDA. She makes us understand that we are in the presence of a woman of genius.” --- Mario Fratti, America-Oggi

“Randolyn Zinn and Jennifer McDowall’s FRANK, FRANK is a spiky, expressionistic tour of the 1950’s - not so much the death of a salesman as a slyly feminist peek at the darkside of that Ol’ Paper Moon using a postmodern vaudeville structure laden with Sinatra tunes, movement mined from Pina Bausch, and piquant performances by Zinn, Doug Krizner and Susan Hall.” --- John Istel, Village Voice

“In this TEMPEST the evening’s magic tricks by Randolyn Zinn are also splendidly created.” --Frank Rich, The New York Times

“A special note should be made about Randolyn Zinn’s choreography. It’s vibrant, energetic stuff, with an edge that seems to come from a slightly asymmetrical rhythm. Above all, the dancing is fast - and it’s highly detailed, with lots of two and three-dancer vignettes blended into the larger choreographic ensemble. Clearly, it’s some of the most effective choreography to be presented at the Guthrie.” --- David Hawley, St. Paul Press

“Randolyn Zinn’s work, ANTARCTICA...mythic and personal at the same time..." -- Dance Magazine