Randolyn Zinn

Writer Director Choreographer

Our Town by Thornton Wilder
Produced by The Theater Company at Hubbard Hall, 2011
with Allen McCullough, Rick Howe, Alex Jennings, Jim Staudt, Collin Smith, John Eagle, Chris Barlow, Lucy Breyer, Erik Barnum, Deb and David Borthwick, Keelye St. John, Monica Cangero, Katherine Stevenson.

Thornton Wilder might present familiar situations in his classic play, but he brings them alive with poetic subtleties that emphasize the wonders and beauty of daily life. His message is neither sentimental nor romantic as it reaches beyond the limited grasp of his characters’ understandings. Our production featured piano music by Olivier Messiaen played live. Above, a clip from the soda fountain scene with Alex Jennings and Jim Staudt. Read my essay on directing Our Town here